Ready to give up any final advice error 525

I have hosting with IONOS
I have domain with 123-reg

As per instructions from IONOS I updated the NS on 123-reg to cloudflare leaving IONOS alone. The site is active and recognised by cloudflare but is inaccessible 525 error.

If I update IONOS nameservers also the same error persists.

I have tried flexible/off SSL and this does not help in the slightest (Too many redirects)
I can’t install custom SSL certificates on this shared hosting package.

What do I have left to try. If I use standard nameservers the site is fine. Tellingly i have other sites which use IONOS exclusively both in domain and hosting and they work 100% with cloudflare.

Finally i have tried removing all SSL and rewrites and https, but that also did not help

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Hi @daniel.kendall,

Did your site work with HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare?

Flexible should not be chosen as it is insecure and often breaks things (like the redirect issue you saw).

If you want your site to work with HTTPS, you need an SSL certificate at your host and to set Cloudflare’s SSL mode to Full (strict).

Yes it did worked perfectly using IONOS generated certificates. They are the only SSL certificates I can use under shared hosting. :frowning:

Time to give up?

Then I’d talk to the host to get proper certificates or change host. In the current setup you can never get a secure site.

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