Reading KV expiring date

Hi is there any method for reading the expiring time for a key/value record ?
In local I see a CtvwM.meta.json file with content {“key”:“CtvwM”,“expiration”:1650547886}
corresponding to my ‘CtvwM’ key but when I execute getWithMetadata I get:


      "name": "CtvwM",
      "value": {
         "value": "my value",
         "metadata": null
      } has an expiration value.

  keys: [{ name: "foo", expiration: 1234, metadata: {someMetadataKey: "someMetadataValue"}}],
  list_complete: false,
  cursor: "6Ck1la0VxJ0djhidm1MdX2FyD"

Hi KianNH,
Thanks for your answer but this is for filtering the keys not for reading the value.