Read Only mode on my Control Box Admin Webpage

Hi all,

I am new with the whole Cloudflare side of things, so bare with me please :wink:

I have a phone system running iPECS eMG100 with Appl(R6.0.6), Boot(1.0Ba), Kernel(R2.0.15), H/W(0)

It’s a control box running on my local network. I am trying to use a tunnel to log into it which works as I get the webpage looking for me to log in when i am out and about with my laptop

I enter the details, and it logs me in but it’s only in “Read Only” mode

When I log in locally, it logs me in with read / write and I can do the usual.

I am logging in with the same administrator account with both through the tunnel and locally.

Did any of you guys ever experience this with your tunnels and web admin panels?

Best regards