Read only account to backup CF settings

Hi everybody,

I’d like to retrieve all CF’s settings into my versioning system, so that if somebody changes/deletes something by mistake I can always retrieve a “working” version. This is quite easy to do using CloudFare’s APIs as long as one is using an “Administrator” account. Currently only administrators seem to have access to all CF configuration, but I’d like to avoid scheduling such activity to run with an admin account. To do that, I’d like instead to use a “technical” account, which should only be able to read all CF configurations without being able to perform any editing. Is it possible? Has somebody else tried to achieve the same goal? If yes, how did you do it?

Please let me know if you have any useful hints which could help me,


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Hopefully Soon :tm:

Thanks for the feedback! The ability to have read only profiles would be really nice, since it would allow us to introduce new team members to CloudFare knowing they can’t mess up with it.

Please let us know when this feature will be released!


Not necessarily this. Maybe there will be changes, but granular permissions for the dashboard are only available for enterprise accounts.

The proposed API key feature is only for programmatic API access.

You might try :slight_smile:

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