Read: connection reset by peer

I want to establish a link to Cloudflare. But it can not success.
In this case, I don’t know how to do. Is anyone can tell me. Thanks.

[email protected] dnscrypt-proxy-macos_x86_64-2.1.1 # ./dnscrypt-proxy
[2022-01-17 21:40:50] [NOTICE] dnscrypt-proxy 2.1.1
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] Network connectivity detected
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] Now listening to [UDP]
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] Now listening to [TCP]
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] Source [public-resolvers] loaded
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] Source [relays] loaded
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] Firefox workaround initialized
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [ERROR] Get “”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer
[2022-01-17 21:40:51] [NOTICE] dnscrypt-proxy is waiting for at least one server to be reachable


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