Reactivate my domains question

My website has been working for three years.
After I missed a renewing payment it now gives
this code.
Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526
All my domain names were stopped
My payment has been made and cleared the bank.
what do I do now to reactivate my domains ?

How do I get my website back on line?

The error page includes the solution. You need to install a valid certificate on your origin server. Exactly how you do that can vary greatly on the platform used at your origin and the method you choose to meet the certificate requirement.

What did you use in the past?

Universal Certificate for, *
The certificates in the pack listed below are managed and auto-renewed by Cloudflare.

Certificate Expiration
SHA256 RSA 2023-12-16(Managed by Cloudflare)

Client Certificate for CN=Cloudflare, C=US
Expires On Sep 17, 2032
Validity Period 10 Years
Authority Cloudflare Managed CA for ike

Origin Certificates
Hosts *, (2 hosts)
Expires On Dec 7, 2037

Check your origin server to make sure that certificate is still installed. The error page suggests that it is no longer being presented by your site.

I loaded Origin Certificates again OK now


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