Reacting with one record on two subdomains

For example, if i have an A record that points to subdomain(dot)example(dot)com and i want one(dot)mysite(dot)com and two(dot)mysite(dot)com to use the A record without having to clone the record two times?

You can set up a CNAME instead, but better is not on Cloudflare, otherwise it wont work, also you might have to configure the server to accept the other two host names as well.

Post the actual host names in question if you need more details.

I need to make the workers work on all subdomains, when i set them to they work in the preview, on the already-existing A records but not on the subdomains that records are non-existent.

Again, post the actual host names. The information available so far is pretty useless I am afraid.

If the target host is on Cloudflare, you wont really be able to do that anyhow.

I was using as a “dummy” host because i only need the workers to work on those subdomains.

If it is only Worker related you wont be able to pull that off as you cant point one domain to another on Cloudflare.

I have a worker that should activate on *
Workers don’t work when they don’t have a DNS record on the site they react to.

DNS is not the issue here. You cannot point a different domain to your original domain. All you can do is a redirect.

OK, thanks for the replies.
I give up on this.

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