React SSR Without a Framework Using Cloudflare Worker

I am trying to build my project without using a major framework. I am using React as a library, but that’s really about it, and I am not interested in using a Framework like NextJS.

What I am struggling to figure out is how to SSR. I assume that I can’t do any dynamic SSR with Pages (please correct me if I am wrong), so I am trying to understand how to get this set up with Workers.

In a more traditional NodeJS server, I would use something like [renderToString]( to get this done, but I am confused as to how we can get it done in an edge runtime (I am kind of new to this way of doing things).

I noticed on the React docs that there’s [renderToReadableStream](, which is what is recommended for SSR in edge runtimes, but do Cloudflare Workers support using something like this? And are there examples/tutorials on how to implement this kind of setup?