Reached a point where i need to ask for directions

Over the past 12 hours ive learned more than the rest of my 34 years about domain and servers. The domain in question www softdisquiet dot
com aka softdisquiet site i must warn you this is going to come out terribly confusing, at least from my point of view describing this is going to take all i got. Here goes.
So i bought a domain last night. I guess it was from zoho, who sent me this way in the end at some point. It was originally for client email. Then i got talked into a website. Played with that. Liked it. Then to go live i had to map it, right? I somehow fumbled my way thru that, using cname, then i didnt think it didnt work so i used thisbcloud site. Totally different design to how itbhad me do it. At this point i think i made mistakes already. You see there 2 different versions, one with www and one without? I think i turned one off or confused it. Bc softdisquiet com wont register and it wontnon the zoho websitenserver either. The www One is, but i dont want to map without counsel. Through all this, this cloud site is acting like the obe without www isnfinenand trying to make me give it rules. I need this isue resolved for work and at my wits end. Any vailient souls able to help? Ill try to explain my best as surely this made no sense. Thanks

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