Re- Routing of DUS (Slow and Slower)


since days there is a really huge performance degradation to my Data Center in DUS wenn i check my websites over Cloudflare, also i saw that DUS is Re-Routed since days.

My questions, when will the performance issues fixed and DUS again avaiable. Connection Speeds with 100kb and below are a really really slow.

Sincerly Yours,

PS: Also the Website which is using ARGO is also slow near dead.

So since 6 Days no reply. I don’t need Argo if my website is slow as ■■■■. Even as customer i can’t reach the support because the website script tells me support is only for payed customer (i don’t know if argo and domains aren’t enough to be a customer here?)

So hey guys would be great to hear anything about DUS connections.


I don’t know if it will still work, but you could try sending an email to [email protected] , or opening an account ticket instead. Reply to the automated messages referencing this community topic, and please post the ticket number here. Thanks.

Only count for technical support (afaik) these plans:

  • Cloudflare Pro ($20/month/zone) - Email
  • Cloudflare Biz ($20/month/zone) - Email + Chat 24/7
  • Cloudflare Ent ($$$$/month with a 1-year contract) - Email + Chat + Emergency phone 24/7
  • Zero Trust Standard ($7/month) - Email + Chat 24/7
  • Zero Trust Enterprise ($$$$/month with a 1-year contract) - Email + Chat + Emergency phone 24/7

Hope it helps!

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