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I took domain and hosting from godaddy and have a separate game server, I want to reroute the ip through Cloudflare, I updated the ns record on goddady but how to use game server ip to run this website through Cloudflare please help me


What do you mean with “reroute”?

You have one server for your website and another one hosting your game server. Did I get that right?


yes you are right


Ok. What do you mean with “reroute”?

Cloudflare will not proxy any any non-http traffic by default. There’s a product called “Spectrum” but there’s only TCP traffic supported and it seems to be limited to Enterprise customers at the moment. Many games require TCP and UDP.

You can add an A-Record pointing to your game server’s IP. But you must not set it to :orange:

Basically: and should point to your website.
Add 2 records pointing to your web server’s IP. One for the root ( and one für www. and
set the records to :orange:. Your website will be protected by CF.

Add one record as subdomain, and set this record to :grey:
you can access your game server with but it is not protected

just assumed from your information.

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