Re-route of datacenter possibly causing 522 errors on cached elements?

Hello everybody,

the last two days I’ve been experiencing something very strange. Without changing any configuration in my servers, nor in Cloudflare, I am getting 522 errors on cached requests (like images) from all my sites.
It is not, though, a problem on all servers, only the one in Girona (in Spain, geographically more close to Barcelona, but the ISP routes traffic to Madrid datacenter instead). My other main server, in Amsterdam, doesn’t have this problem.

Checking Cloudflare status page, I saw Madrid is re-routed, but I read in the community that this shouldn’t affect traffic…
Another interesting thing I found is that when I try to access those cached contents, the 522 error page tells the request comes from Paris Cloudflare datacenters, but if I turn WARP on, then the request is successful, and I can see the image.

If I enable the developer mode in the cache page in Cloudflare dashboard, then the requests succeed.

And my last finding: the NGINX log doesn’t event receive any request when I get the 522 error.

Does anybody know if there is a way to fix this? (Other than completely disabling caching)

Thank you!

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