Re-lock domain while awaiting codes?

As part of transferring domains to Cloudflare, I had to unlock them at my current registrar to request the transfer code. I hadn’t realized that obtaining the codes could take 3-5 days.

Being the hyper-paranoid type, is it possible/advisable to re-lock the domains while awaiting the transfer codes, and then unlock them when I start the actual transfer?

Or, is this more security theater than useful?


Your registrar takes four days to issue the EPP code? That’s unusual.

Anyhow, it probably is more of a security theater :slight_smile: even if it is unlocked, the domain won’t be simply transferred out without you being notified.

As you haven’t transferred it yet, you can certainly lock it again, but your registrar might issue a new transfer code in that case, so that’s really something you can only clarify with them.

I wouldn’t lock it and simply pay particular attention to the account and any notification emails.

Thanks for the input.

To be fair, while my current registrar does a lot of things I don’t like (hence the move), their process does say it “could” take that long - hopefully the median time is faster.

My first thought parallels what you said; however, I started (over)thinking about the process. I couldn’t find anything online, so thought I’d ask.

The code or the transfer? A transfer can take up to five days, EPP codes usually not.

Anyhow, before you lock it, clarify with your registrar if that changed anything about the code, otherwise keep it unlocked. Especially if you pay attention to the account, the couple of days until you get the code should not be a security issue.

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