Re-investigate optimal DNS TTL for 'Auto', the setting famously fixed at 5 mins (and 5 mins only...)

In, Google concludes:

“We believe that the cache miss factor is the most dominant cause of DNS latency” – Le Google

For low to medium traffic domains, 5 mins can be a death sentence in the search rankings (well, maybe not a death sentence but I’m trying to be dramatic here… work with me now…). After seeing DNS resolutions in China take 1-4 seconds on average (not being dramatic), I think more effort should be applied to calibrate a setting that Cloudflare has effectively taken out of the control of every single customer.

I understand why a low TTL is useful for DDoS mitigation, but what I would like to see for Speed Week next year is a higher TTL (5 1⁄2 mins? Do I hear 5 1⁄2 mins? Anybody? Sold!). I believe technology, topology, and know-how has improved enough to revisit this setting for the benefit of tens of millions of websites. The internet will thank you, I will thank you, my mom will thank you.

To end: If Cloudflare can do away with the __cfduid cookie and attract the notice of tons of new customers (yes, we noticed!), Cloudflare can dig deep into the minds of its best talent and give this setting a rewhirl also. Might I suggest you try increasing by 30 seconds every 4 months or so to see if it negatively impacts service?]

Thank you! :smile:

Even on domains using Cloudflare DNS?

I think the bigger question is why does it take so long for a recursive DNS server in China to do these lookups? According to, Cloudflare DNS is the fastest in Asia. Granted, the report isn’t granular enough to break it down by country, so I’m curious as to actual DNS performance numbers in China.

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