Re-download shared SSL certificate

I have a domain that is both registered with and hosted by GoDaddy. I created a CloudFlare account, added the site to it, and generated a shared SSL certificate which, if memory serves me well, I then uploaded to GoDaddy. Everything worked well.

I have recently changed hosting plans (created a new one to replace the existing one) and updated the DNS in the CloudFlare dashboard.

I suppose I now need to download a new SSL certificate from CloudFlare, which I would then upload to GoDaddy, but I’m unclear about how to do this. Can anyone help or point me to instructions?


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I had looked at that page but your response caused me to revisit it and try again. I’m new to this and my mistake was stripping out the Begin and End lines from the certificate and private key. Once I left them in, everything worked fine.

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