Re-direct Rule w/ A record unresolvable - hard to debug

I’ve added an A record for + a re-direct rule that don’t seem to be working.

I’ve read the documentation here:

as well as miscellaneous community forum posts. For the A record, I’ve tried and as well as CNAME records, but with no success.
I have a feeling there is some lower level issue that’s not readily available in the docs here, but I’m not sure. Ultimately, the faculties to debug this from here are limited. Any insight is much appreciated.

I’m only allowed to include 1 image per post so will add screenshots below (I get the intention to limit abuse, but it feels like unneeded user friction, especially if the user could ).

A Record:

Redirect Rule Status:

Redirect Rule Content:

When running dig, I notice there is no associated IP.

Seems to be working ok for me

dig +short

curl -I
HTTP/2 301
date: Fri, 10 Nov 2023 21:50:04 GMT
cache-control: max-age=3600
expires: Fri, 10 Nov 2023 22:50:04 GMT
report-to: {"endpoints":[{"url":"https:\/\/\/report\/v3?s=JMlKdUTNYUydcg5XvMz0%2B3r2xvHiKoaV0t87%2BMq0bXGe%2Fre7GQgblowmjqmbUX3e2Em5A0m6JZb3lGun7KmZHb%2F%2FeeDc9c0AfevcfYIwwT0w6iXosIH9Zayd7g%3D%3D"}],"group":"cf-nel","max_age":604800}
nel: {"success_fraction":0,"report_to":"cf-nel","max_age":604800}
server: cloudflare
cf-ray: 8241824d9fb60e90-AMS

Thanks sjr. It seems like it may have been propagational delay to edge? A bit hard to distinguish error from lag. I waited 15 minutes before posting, but maybe I should give it an hour. Either way my issue is resolved, so closing.

(my dig and browser are both resolving now as well)

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