Re-direct not working

Hello, any help would be appreciated.

I have added the above rule a couple of days ago but it is still not effective or working. Not sure if it is something that is not done correctly. When I go to the URL as per below, it is still showing the broken WIX page rather than re-directing as per the page rule.

Could you please advice if the setup is incorrect?

Your redirect actually works for me. I guess you might have still some cached value somewhere.

You can check the redirect also at where it shows the 301 as status code.

Thanks for that. I also just checked using a proxy, seems like it’s just my machine then, could be DNS cached on my machine, anyways thanks, I believe it is working then cheers.

Checking DNS should be a quick job, my guess would be rather something in your browser cache, maybe try clearing it. But glad it’s nonetheless working for you.

Disabling cache in DevTools can be handy. To do this, go to the browser’s Developer tools > Network and select Disable cache (while in DevTools is open).

That doesn’t actually work because it’s at DNS level. Have tried before as you can see below.

I guess if you run


it wont resolve to Cloudflare IP addresses, right?

in that case,
MAC dscacheutil -flushcache
Windows ipconfig /flushdns

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