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Hello. A website which we used to own is displaying olod content even though we don’t own it anymore. As we don’t own the domain name or have access to the DNS records then how can we stop the site displaying out of date info? I believe that it is cached within Cloudflare because the former hosting company used to use them. Is there a way that you can purge the cache on our behalf?

If you don’t own it anymore, nor have any control on it, Cloudflare will not be able to do anything.

Additionally Cloudflare shows cached content only when there is an active origin behind. It doesn’t serve stale content for inactive zones.

Contact your old host, they are the culprit.

Thank you for this. However I am told that the site was hosted and DNS registered with Cloudflare. Do you have a phone number for Cloudflare?

There is no phone number, but if you have no longer control there is nothing you can do. Cloudflare will not act on domains not controlled by you.

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Thank you for this. I understand if they won’t help me as I don’t own the domain name anymore but I was wondering if I can speak to somebody at Cloudflare to see if there is some cached data somewhere of if a DNS record is still set. I am struggling to get hold of anybody. Do you have any advice?

Even if you could speak to someone at Cloudflare, which you can’t, they would not be able to disclose any information to you as the domain and the Cloudflare account it is using are not yours.

If the obsolete content is covered by a copyright held by your firm, you might consider a DMCA takedown request.

You may wish to track the expenditures related to this incident, including the time spent learning and evaluating options. You can than use that financial data to decide whether to maintain the registration on a domain that you plan to take dormant. I expect keeping the registration is the more economical approach.


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