Re: Cloudflare SSL

Hello Team,

I have recently added my blog “” in Cloudflare and everything working fine but since more than 24 hour has been passed still not showing Cloud flare SSL security in the URL.
Is there any extra settings required?

SSL seems to work, however the bigger problem is that your server (assuming its IP ends in 98) does not have a certificate, hence the connection can never be secure. You need a certificate on your server too.

Thanks for youre reply.

How to get the certificate?

Either a paid one, one from Lets Encrypt, or a Cloudflare Origin certificate.

You mean need buy the SSL certificate first after that it will cover in Cloudflare ssl

You dont necessarily need to buy one, you can use a free one, however you need a certificate on your server too and that is unrelated to whatever certificate Cloudflare provisions on their systems.

How do i get the free certificate ?

Either Lets Encrypt or Cloudflare’s origin certificates. It might be best to contact your host, though be aware, your host seems to be Godaddy and they often tend to refuse to provide free certificates and want to charge you instead.

Ok let me try .
Thanks for the help

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