Re-Check NameServers via API

Just want to ask if it’s possible to initiate a recheck of NS via API?

The problem is that we proxy our website services, so if a domain was previously with another DNS provider, then when the NS are changed to those specified for our zone, all services are immediately ‘live’, except proxied services because CloudFlare hasn’t “re-checked” the NS.

So we have to click the Re-Check NameServers button. However, because we have created our own internal system which leverages your API, there is no means for us to implement a ‘re-check’ NS button, without which causes a 24hour gap where a website is not working at all after having worked previously with a different DNS provider, because our dns records are proxied.

We know when the NS have changed na propagated, therefore we know when to sensibly click the ‘re-check’ button so that proxied services can begin working, but can’t seem to find the API method?

please and thank you :slight_smile:


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