Re-Check for existing DNS records?

Hello, Is there a way to Re-Check for existing DNS records? at my hosting provider. I had this opportunity when I initially set up the account, which I missed and I would like to re-check / re-import them.

“Cloudflare automatically checks for existing DNS records. In your Dashboard, you should see an orange cloud next to your DNS records, which indicates that your web traffic is being successfully proxied through Cloudflare. During the core setup process, you will also have the option to add additional DNS records for your domain.”


Sorry, that scan happens only once, but you can import a BIND file of DNS records.

Thank you kindly @sdayman

I have since, successfuly imported a BIND file here at Cloudflare and it’s working fine.

Lets say I modify my details at my hosting provider, is there a way to quickly delete all my existing Cloudflare DNS records (en mass) so that I can simply re-import my fresh BIND file without creating duplicates.


There’s very little that should ever change, so that shouldn’t be necessary. But if you do any DNS modifications, you should do them here.

And you really won’t ever want to wipe out all your DNS records here. There are already too many posts by people who did so and regretted it.

Talk about good timing. Some kind person posted just the thing you’re asking about:

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