Re: CF Pages build failing with Unable to Submit Build Job

Since the first thread was already marked as “Fixed”, I opened a new one to continue the report since it wasn’t entirely fixed.

As shown in the first screenshot, it’s the same issue.

Failed: unable to submit build job

In this second screenshot, it shows the exact same error as before, when trying the workaround (no one reported this in the original thread but it is the same error when you try the workaround).

An unknown error occurred (Code: 8000000)

Also shown in Screenshot #2 above, my “techmagus” (GitLab account") and “YourOnly.One” (GitLab group) are working fine. These were fixed via the workaround posted be KianNH.

A few hours later, Cloudflare declared the issue “fixed”.

Today, I’m still encountering the issue but only for my “Yelosan Publishing” and “Paninap Services” GitLab groups. The workaround works only once, every XX amount of time (it seems to be less than an hour, it’s failing again). To fix, I have to redo the workaround. Repeat workaround for the next build.

I don’t build a lot, just bringing this known bug to your attention.

Just an update. Still happening/the same.

Update: Now the issue is happening on my primary GitLab group. The other GitLab group is now working fine.

Same issue it just switched which GitLab group/connection is affected.

Are you still experiencing this issue? There was a known issue with builds earlier today that has since been resolved.

Still the same. ^^

Here’s a screenshot just a minute or two ago.

Currently, I have to go through the workaround process to make it work.

Happened again.

To make it work temporarily, same workaround process since this started.

Any permanent solution?

I’m actually seeing this on a Gatsby blog right now. I thought it might be related to me disconnecting and reconnecting the Github integration but now that I see this I’m not so sure. Like @YourOnlyOne I’m currently unable to deploy either of my Cloudflare Pages getting an immediate error of Failed: unable to submit build job, and don’t see repo changes triggering new builds.

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Hmm, now Github too?

I hope there’s a permanent solution. On my end, the only workaround is the described by @KianNH . Maybe it will work with Github too.

The GitLab issue is still happening, latest encounter is a few hours ago as of this post. Same thing … lengthy workaround process. T_T

I guess this bug has been ignored?

Still the same to this day.

Let me DM you, I need to grab some details.

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Sent details weeks ago :slight_smile:

Just an update, still happening. I have to login and manually do the workaround and then redo the build.

Having the same issue:

Failed: unable to submit build job

I still see this problem when I try to build a page

Yep, unfortunately, it still is happening today. Still the same error and the only workaround is to try to add a new project, as explained earlier.

On my end, it seems fine on Github connections but is a problem with GitLab projects.