Re-authentication Error: Please enable WARP

Hi, From the WARP client → Preferences → Account → Re-Authenticate Session. A web browser is launch with an error ‘Please enable WARP’. I am not able to re-authenticate. Has anyone had this issue and advice how to fix it?


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Screenshot 2022-11-04 145418
Here’s a screenshot of the error. Cloudflare Zero Trust is connected when the error is presented.

Try making sure WARP is turned on.

Hi @csirolli, the client is connected to ZeroTrust/WARP+ as mentioned when the error occurs.

We experienced the same issue, reported it and got assistance. I think maybe more will experience the same issue so I’ll share what worked for us here:

What we did was to make sure * was added in the include split route config.

Hi @andersro93 , that did the trick. It only started happening recently. Thanks for the solution.

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