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Hi Team,

I had a website with Cloudflare configured. I had to change nameservers so I deleted the domain from cloudflare, changed the name servers, and while I am trying to add it again in Cloudflare, it throws an error as is not a registered domain.
How to fix this?

I’m mostly surprised this isn’t working because the site works for me. The only snag is that it appears that your current epizy name server records aren’t fully propagated. This may take up to 48 hours:

So let me wait for 48 hours for the name servers to be fully propagated. I will try to add the site to Cloudflare after that. Thanks a lot for responding.

It’s been 3 days and I see DNS resolution works only for two locations. What can be done regarding this?
The A records work perfectly but the DNS is causing trouble. I am still not able to add the website to cloudflare

You’ll have to ask your registrar why this isn’t working. They’re in charge of your name server propagation.

I checked with Godaddy my registrar and they are saying it’s working:

However I see it’s not entirely propagated via that you shared. Any idea why cloudflare still says not a registered domain while adding it ?

Does this look like it’s working?

If most of the world can’t resolve the domain, how do you expect Cloudflare to?

Yeah! I said the same to them other than Paris and Denmark it’s not working.
However, they shared digwebinterface link :

and somehow it’s responding correct NS.

Ok, let’s try a different approach. Change the name servers back to GoDaddy’s default ones.

But first, take a screenshot of all your DNS records at Epizy. You’ll need them for your Cloudflare account.

Let me restore it to default and then retry with epizy and cloudflare

Reverting to default does show up here : DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

That’s certainly an improvement. Can you add the domain now?

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I am able to add the domain but now I will change it back to my prev name servers and try. Thanks!

Once you add the domain, you need to keep the name servers set to Cloudflare, then add all those DNS records from Epizy.

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