Re-add To Reinstate Configuration

I did open a ticket #2425701 in regards to this as well. My domain zone was accidentally deleted due to quick finger and now I’m having nothing but trouble trying to get it back on Cloudflare. The domain is through a Partner of Cloudflare being x10Hosting

  1. It’s telling me it doesn’t exist, which global DNS propagation would disagree with that.

  2. The other problem is the zone was done as a free partner setup through cPanel, which just protects the www. subs of the domain. So then you would say, just redo it through cPanel and everything will be fine. Well, free hosting users were migrated off of a cPanel to DirectAdmin to reduce costs. Cloudflare being Cloudflare (shame on Cloudflare for that), didn’t make a plug-in for DirectAdmin for Cloudflare partners to let their customers add domains for partner setup.

So now I’m stuck at not being able to add it back and be able to get it back with the Partner Setup

In addition, I want to provide suggestions that could prevent issues like this from happening again

  1. (Obvious) Listen to hosting partners more and make sure a plug-in for each of the top 3 hosting panels (cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk) exist that can perform this setup. With the growing popularity in DirectAdmin, Cloudflare is is just ignoring customers at this point.

  2. (Critical) Who in the world would put a delete button right by the pause button? Thats a massive no-no. That’s not a bright idea. Move it elsewhere and keep it out of the overview tab or turn it into a “fake delete” button link that goes to the real page where the delete button exists.

  3. Keep zones for a maximum of 60 minutes and provide a link in the zone deletion email that the user can click on, that would restore the zone, as is, in its entirety

@MoreHelp, per instructions provided from my support ticket.

Sorry for the issue you encountered.

When I select delete I am presented with a modal that asks me if that is what I want to do and I have to click again to confirm the action.

Is It the Cloudflare dash, the partner? Can you share the name of the domain to get more eyes on it?

It was a partial partner setup where you did not change the nameservers. Is that correct?

I suspect the zone was on a partial partner setup and you’re trying to add it as a full setup to the Cloudflare dash and there are getting the does not exist error. Is that correct?

Again, as I mentioned above, fast trigger finger. Still a very foolish idea in my honest opinion to put delete and pause next to each other, modal or not is irrelevant.

The Cloudflare Dashboard -

Ideally I want it back as the partial partner setup as it wasn’t intended to be deleted in the first place. Only reason I tried to add it back through the dashboard was because the email said

If the zone was deleted by mistake, it can be re-added to reinstate existing configuration of the zone.

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Got it and understood. The problem with adding adding the zone as a full setup is that it’s a subdomain of and they control the root domain.

I will ask the team to take a look at that wording as that is the case for full setups, but partial setups are controlled by the partner.

I am not familiar with the new control panel they are using. Partners typically integrate using our API as opposed to plugins we write. In order to get it active as it was before you are going to need to get x10Hosting to help.

Prior, when x10Hosting was using cPanel as their hosting panel, they were using the Cloudflare provided plug-in ( that did the setups using the API. Unfortunately the plug-in doesn’t exist for DirectAdmin.

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Thank you! That plugin predates me but I have asked the partner team about plans wrt directadmin, will share what I get back

The team has shared that they have not been actively developing plugins for a while and will not be doing any development around directadmin

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