RDP with zero trust client

Hi community,

I have past couple hour to figure how it work… i have to secure RDP on a server.

I have a windows 10 with cloud flared tunnel deamon, i see the tunnel is up in the dashboard
I have a remote client with the WARP software and the client is authentificate in the zero trust.

I have in my tunnel configuration a public host with the rdp config like that rdp://
I have in my tunnel the route for the local network

I have create a selfhosted application with the same CNAME and create acces rules for the WARP user, all looking good, my firewall rules allow the traffic.

I can RDP the machine locally, but not by the tunnel. I have setup a mobile internet connection to simulate remote access!

I look video and its look simple to setup, but now i have no choice to ask help here!


How are you trying to connect from the client? You need cloudflared installed locally as well to be able to use TCP traffic.