RDP Tunnel Issue - ERRO[0004] unable to connect to the origin error="Get http://rdp: dial tcp: lookup rdp: no such host

I am trying to use cloudflared to configure RDP tunnel. I am getting below error.

My Machine is windows 10.

However i am able to connect other web applications. My requirement is i want to use RDP tunnel.

Also i am using Teams Free Offer. Is there any limitations in free offer on using Argo Tunnel. I have not subscribed to Argo Tunnel as its asking for money.


:wave: @haneefputtur

The final line in your command should start with http:// not RDP://

— OG

I tried as you mentioned. still no luck.

it says its rdp … i tried both still same

Any experts here who faced similar issues?

Finally i solved the problem by opening the command prompt as Administrator Mode.

I use the below command
cloudflared.exe tunnel --hostname super.xxxxx.com --url rdp://localhost:3389


Hello, I’m configuring tunnel to use SMB and RDP, but without success, are you able to use it?