RDP from Tunnel

I have really struggled with the last part in my Cloudflare Tunnel journey, This is to get my W10 box to provide me access from a public hostname

W10 box is sitting on a PROXMOX server with a couple of Linux Servers (VM’s), Portainer and Server 2019 (VM). All the linux boxes are accessible via public hostname


portainermydomaincom - Service https
heimdallmydomaincom - Service https
proxmoxmydomaincom - Service https192.168.1.24:8006

The Windows Server 2019 works fine at hosting a basic IIS server on

19severmydomaincom - Service http

I want to connect to the Windows 10 VM ( via RDP. Locally I can do this but I want to be able to connect via the Cloudflare tunnel

I have tried

w10rdp . mydomain. com - Service rdp but this wont connect to the w10 box.

Any pointers? Please?