RDP - Cloudflare access - Connection problem

I would like to use RDP + Cloudflareaccess.

Example my subdomain: rdp.testme.com .

Has the subdomain “rdp” a must point to a windows server?

And: My subdomain’s DNS is managed by my DNS server.
I use CF services, but I manage DNS in my data center.

Does the subdomain need to point to cloudflare servers?

The subdomain “rdp” must be proxied :orange: by Cloudflare and point to an Argo tunnel from the origin environment.

The client must also use the same tool to proxy the connection and the host “rdp” in this instance should have an Access policy configured and the user will authenticate to allow access.


Can i use proxied by CNAME?

Using the legacy Partner API? Probably not, although I don’t work on that team. Perhaps using the Tenant API? You’d probably want to speak with the partner team.

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