rDNS and my ISP

I have found out that my IP is apparently on a blacklist b/c it’s labeled as “dynamic”. The blacklist is dnsbl.spfbl.net, and the error message is:

This IP has been flagged because it is [dynamic](http ://spfbl.net/en/dynamic/) or by suspect to be domestic use only.

If you are running an email service on this IP, ask ISP to change the [rDNS](http ://spfbl.net/en/rdns/).

The removal of this IP from this blacklist depends on change of [rDNS](http ://spfbl.net/en/rdns/) to match the FQDN of the mail server.

Do I need to change DNS settings somewhere or do I need to talk to Comcast who is my ISP? I didn’t see any rDNS settings in my account in Cloudflare. No idea what to do here but all my emails are getting thrown in people’s spam folders so I need a solution asap. Thanks!
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That is IP, not domain specific. You need to contact the owner of that IP address.

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