Razorpay webhooks not working with Cloudflare enabled

My website medicosplexus.com is hosted on Cloudways Wordpress application with Cloudflare enabled.

I am using Razorpay as a payment gateway to transact the subscription charges of my website via ARMember plugin.

Plugin gives a webhook https://medicosplexus.com/?arm-listener=arm_razorpay_api which I have to enter into Razorpay platform for the website server to communicate with Razorpay server when the payment is made.

I have allowed all the webhook IP of Razorpay mentioned here Razorpay IPs and Certificates via Cloudflare firewall rules.

When Cloudflare is enabled on the website the Razorpay servers are not able to communicate with the Cloudways server on which my website is hosted. Even allowing Razorpay webhook IPs to firewall rules did not help. I have to completely disable Cloudflare on the website for webhooks to work and for servers to communicate. With Cloudflare enabled I do not see any Razorpay IP mentioned in the link above in the access log of my website server. But once the Cloudflare is disabled, I see the Razorpay IP in the my website server access log.

Kindly help me resolving this issue as Cloudflare is necessary for security of my website and I do not want to disable it completely.

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