Ray ID: 6590a5993f5a176c ... (Indicates a "host error") GoDaddy says AOK on their end

GoDaddy says AOK on their end. I updated DNS “A” field to reflect a change in IPv4 # because GoDaddy advised me of new IPv4 #. This Ray ID host error is intermittent.

Any direction with this confusion would be greatly appreciated.

So it depends on the error you are actually receiving - but it’s not clear whether the DNS change is related to the error because you haven’t provided much information yet.

Are you 100% sure you have replaced the old IP in all of your DNS records? Double check the DNS records page first just to make sure there are no references to the old IP. If they have shut the old server IP down and you haven’t fully updated all of your DNS records, you might see errors.

Once you have captured the exact error code, if you take a look at our Community Tips - under the 5XX Errors section is a guide to each of the Cloudflare errors:

One of those will likely be the 5XX error you are seeing and will give you further guidance.

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