Rate Limiting (Setup & Usage)

If you have used Cloudflare Rate Limiting, or have spent any time trying to set it up, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the interface. Were you able to understand how the feature was going to work? Did you have any problems configuring for your needs? Is there information you feel was missing? Let us know.

Keep in mind, this is for feedback on the general process and design. If you are experiencing an issue and need assistance, please post in the relevant primary category.

Now that you mention it, my free plan Rate Limit for “Protect my login” doesn’t show the URL it’s protecting. It’s been a while since I set it up, and I’ve just forgotten what I set it to. The little wrench button isn’t clickable.


Upon reading

one discovers this is an uncapped service. I.e., there is the potential for the customer to be liable for some wild amount. Yes you may argue that chance is slim, but still one dares not risk it.

Yes I would very much like to try rate limiting, if I could cap the risk of wild amounts at a limit I set.

E.g., I want to limit it at $0 (so don’t ask for credit card either.)
Now when I go past the 10000 hits, I don’t care if you disable rate limiting.
I just want the free part.