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New to cloudflare and am doing some load test on a domain using k6 scripts. I have set the number of virtual users to 1000 and am experiencing rate limiting after checking the ‘logs’ under the firewall tab. After wandering around the GUI, I am unable to find a place to delete(?) any rate limiting rules as there are none.

I have attempted to solve the issue by setting a firewall rule as well as set up an IP Access Rule to allow my IP address (which runs the load test script) but it doesn’t help. Is there anything I’m missing out on? Thanks

Currently on free plan with intention to upgrade :slight_smile:

Rate Limiting can be found below IP Access Rules:

Firewall > Tools, then scroll down past IP Access Rules to Rate Limit Rules

If you don’t have any set there you maybe hitting some other kind of Rule.

If you can post what one of the Firewall entries looks like it may be helpful

hey man, thanks for the reply

yup, i checked in on the rate limit rules before creating the IP access rule but there was nothing there.
sure, here’s a snapshot of the logs from firewall > overview:

what puzzles me is why is there a rate limiting when there are no rate limit rules according to the GUI. if there is a default rate limiting rule, how can i disable it for my website temporarily for me to do load testing and then switch it back on?

Can you expand out one of those to get more info, blur out your domain if you want

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