Rate limiting rules with path "/"

Hello everybody.
My website got in 15 minutes 65M requests via Cloudflare and the CF didn’t theorize it like DDoS attack.
All requests came to URI Path “/”.
So, I made a rate limiting rule as:
(http.host eq “[hostname].com” and http.request.uri.path eq “/”) With the same characteristics “IP” When rate exceeds “100 request per 10 seconds” Then take action => “Managed Challange”
And can I use just URI Path without hostname?
But this rule didn’t get any one yet.
Is this rule correct to protect me from DDoS?

Hi @kbem7t5jwwvw8mkr, I do not see any trouble with this rule, but instead of URI path EQUALS, you may want to change it to CONTAINS.

Please test it out and see if that helps.

Thank you.