Rate Limiting Pricing

I’m planning to enable rate limiting because my site is under attack recently.

My site have an average of 80m requests every month (I get this number from Overview Total Requests). Does this mean cloudflare will charge me 80,000,000/10000 * 0.05 = $400 for a month ?

So it seems, if those 80M requests are good requests.

Is there a specific URL being targeted? Remember that rate limiting only works on repeated hits from a same IP address. If it’s DDoS, it’s going to be less effective.

its not very clear for me how it calculated, but I believe they only charge for uncached requests.

Not for uncached requests, but for uncached (I believe, since they say it’s counting only those that go to the origin) good requests. So if some of those will be rate limited you won’t be billed.

Since Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages by default, the OP would have to set this up as part of their DDoS defense strategy…if that’s possible with their website.