Rate Limiting Pricing Question

As we understand it, Rate Limiting charges for all requests that go through a rule, not just the ones which are blocked by the rule. However, we don’t see a way to monitor that very clearly. The “Activity” reporting on each rule appears to be the number of times the rule triggered and not the total number of times it was checked for requests and did nothing (see screenshot below).

Should we ignore this activity in terms of the billing amount or does this in fact correlate to billing?

Are we only charged when the “When rate exceeds…” value is passed within that rule? For example, when there are more than 200 requests in 10 seconds?


The “Activity” count in the reporting for each rule is not an accurate reflection of the number of requests that were actually charged for. However, I think it can still be used as a rough estimate.

I usually use the Billing Reports feature for a more accurate picture.

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Hey there,

Advanced rate limiting, which I see you are using, is unmetered. Meaning we do not charge if you are using the Advanced Rate Limiting.

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