Rate limiting on managed public buckets through r2.dev

Hi, I want to know the actual limit that cloudflare imposes for example 100request/minutes or so.

Thank you

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They haven’t detailed it anywhere as far as I know. It’s just 100% not meant for production. If you have to wonder what the rate limit is, you shouldn’t be using it for that.

You don’t get caching either. You could use either the S3 API with presigned links or a Custom Domain and benefit from caching (optionally). With a Custom Domain, you don’t pay for requests that hit cache either, and you have all the normal cloudflare cdn benefits (analytics, security, being able to configure all that, etc)


Thanks for your response. I have set up a custom domain for production and using r2.dev for development and staging but out of curiosity, I wanted to know the exact rate limit figure.
Hope someone from Cloudflare can mention that in the future.

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