Rate limiting off in the dash cloudflare but rate limiting still activated

I have paid for rate limiting before and activated. However, I disabled that and stopped paying for it and cannot tune it. It stays enabled regardless of the dash Cloudflare having it disabled.

I still get Error 1015 being rate limited and that is with simple browsing so it is rate limited too intensely anyway.

I reached out to support years ago (this is been happening for years), and they said it was disabled (duh), but their backend cdn is still rate limiting.

How do we get this resolved without deleting the domain and recreating it (which may result in the same messed up backend cdn config)?

For now I have entered a WAF rule to accept and allow ip4 and ip6 connections. Not the best fix though.

Correction: I meant allow ALL ip4 and ip6 through the WAF and seems to help, but it is not a good work around as it clears all connections including potential malicious ones.

What is the site?

Can you attach a screenshot of that showing it enabled and disabled in the dash?

Can you share that ticket number? The only ticket I see wrt rate limiting is that the contact was made by someone other than the account owner and the ticket was closed.

I do not have access to the support tickets in the dash as I stopped paying for the same reasons mentioned.

K, I see some rate liming invoices (those are based on use and are small charges) and some argo subscription charges.

You should be able to see past activities by logging into the dash, select Support, select My Activities. I see my tickets from 4 years ago, so you should be able to see your past activities. The only rate limiting ticket I see is 2604506

On 2604506 the rate limiting was a rate liming on the cloudflare dash, not your site, are you seeing the 1015 when visiting your site?

Thank you for the screen shot, that is what I see as well in your dash I do not see any rate limiting rules and the older ones won’t show in the audit log.

Any chance you can email me on the account to resolve this? I have been a paying customer but did not seem right to be a paying for this result. The ticket was closed because my account email was an old one and my actual email had changed but that is accurate now. I have strongly recommended and supported Cloudflare for years for clients and employers over any waf cdn provider. It’s ironic that my own account cant get sorted in the backend.

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The activites page logs me out of the dash when I click on it.

Yes I see a 1015 on the site if I remove the WAF rule to allow all ip4 and ip6… That’s a janky work around for now because the WAF is allowing every ip connection.

I cannot initiate that, but if you can open an account or Billing ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and share the ticket number the team can dig into this further.

Sorry for the trouble here, the Support team can only work with requests from the email/account that holds the active zone. But,

Which is good, as that way the ticket won’t be closed with that auto reply.

I am not sure why that is happening and it is another topic we should dig into with the team on the ticket. It sounds like something wrong with permissions, but I’ve not seen similar reports before.

+1 and agree, it ought not be showing that error. When you open the ticket and in the description, can you provide a link to this discussion https://community.cloudflare.com/t/rate-limiting-off-in-the-dash-cloudflare-but-rate-limiting-still-activated/485412/. I will be copied on the ticket but please share the number here so that I can make sure to flag it for my colleagues.

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  • Ticket ID: 2738357
    Thank your for the support cloonan. Really need this resolved.

Thank you, I added some notes to your ticket and ensured that I am cc’d on the exchange. I am going to flag this post for the attention of my colleagues. Can you share a screen shot of the rate limiting you are hitting when visiting your site to this thread and/or that current ticket?

I would have to disable the WAF allow all ip4 and ip6 then take a snapshot. Is that really needed to get the id’s of the event?

Here is the waf rule ID and Ray ID.

Interesting, the rate limiting happened again even with the WAF rule to allow all ip4 and ip6 source addresses.

Please keep me posted on any actions here. Thank you.

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Please see the RayID snapshot below. I had paying subscriptions before and have cancelled them because I do not want to pay for services when they are not functioning 100% and I did not get the support to resolve the issues such as this rate limiting issue. I am considering pro plans for my domains and have no problem upgrading with this exception. Thank you.

Correction, “I have no problem upgrading except for this issue needing to get resolved”

Any help appreciate. This just happened twice today and have to add a allowlist for my ip to get around it. and ::/128 allow does not work around this right now either.

I even exported the dns, deleted the domain and reimported the dns into a new instance of the domain. It did not fix this dubious rate limiting that I do not have configured on the account.

I have a moral dilemma here. I recommend Cloudflare to clients and employers every time CDN and WAF come up in conversations. However, how can I justify support from Cloudflare when I cannot get it? Like I said, I would pay again for pro accounts and paid features if this has resolve, but is a bit of a conflict if it cannot be resolved.

It just happened again. It’s always the same domain after login to the cms admin and navigating around.