Rate Limiting issue when accesing via a VPN

one of our company’s customers is trying to access a website who are using Cloudflare’s rate limiting service to protect their site. When he tries to browse content or download files (mostly just ASCII text) he quickly encounters throttling of his access which I believe to be Cloudflare’s rate limiting service.

Our customer is only able to access external websites by connecting via a VPN; when I try myself to access the same site directly e.g. from my home or company machine I have no problems.

I appreciate that as we are not a Cloudflare customer the support you can provide may be limited but any suggestions would be most welcome

  • Charles

You’ll need to contact the website directly and ask them. They control the way that their Cloudflare account features apply to their site such as restrictions for VPNs or by IP/ASN, rate limiting and so on.


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