Rate limiting in CF Workers


We are observing CF’s Rate Limiting errors during stress testing when workers are enabled, proxying to another CF domain.

We are proxying https://domain.com/* to https://app.domain.com/*

We have tried whitelisting IP that’s getting blocked and have never enabled the rate limiting option but the problem persists.


Is this via paid workers, or the free 100,000 a day workers?

Accounts using the Workers free tier are limited to a maximum of 100,000 requests per day, with a burst rate limit of 1000 requests per 10 minutes. This limit applies at the account level, meaning that requests on your workers.dev subdomain count toward the same limit as your zoned domains. Visitors who run into the rate limit will be served a Cloudflare 1015 error page,

Thanks for the quick response. It’s a paid account. Screenshot attached: