Rate limiting billing

If I got, for example, 1000000 monthly requests and 100000 pageviews. If the rule limits pageviews (*.html), will I be billed according to the pageviews or the total requests?

You’d be billed the number of requests, not page views.

The number of “good” requests past the first 10,000. Not the bad ones that got rate blocked.


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Is the billing calculated with the total number of requests (1000000) or the html file requests (100000)? I want to limit html file requests only.

As I already pointed out, it’s the number of requests. However, if you only want count html files and you don’t have pretty urls, this matching url should work:


If you have pretty urls, this approach won’t work. I can’t think of any workaround.

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Is the billing done according to the total number of requests (1000000) or just matching rule’s of html requests (100000)?

According to the link I posted, if it matches the rule, and gets through, you get billed for anything past the first 10,000 requests.

You will be billed for 90,000 html requests if they don’t get blocked by rate limiting.

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Thank you!


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