Rate Limiting Billing and Cached Resources


Reading through the documentation, it looks like cached hits are never rate limited. Does this mean that only non-cached “rate limited” requests will be billed?


Cached resources are never rate-limited, even if they match a rule.

For example, I see about 30k un-cached hits per day and about 500k cached hits per day. Will I be charged for 30k or 530k hits assuming they are all valid traffic.


This is true on the self serve plans, enterprise plans have more options. You would be billed based on “good” matching requests. So it would be 30k or if 1/2 actually triggered rate limiting rules and only 20k were sent to origin you would be billed for 20k (the 10k which were blocked would not be billed).

Does that make sense?


It does, thank you cscharff!