Rate Limiting Billing & Analytics


I am really confuse about the Rate Limiting option which I use.
The support article https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000272247-Billing-for-Cloudflare-Rate-Limiting says, that only requests that are made before breaching the rule, are billed. If someone makes 1000 requests, and after request #100 gets blocked, only these 100 requests of 1000 count as billable.

However, in my Analytics I have this ->
It can be clearly seen, that most of the requests are blocked ones, “the unbroken line” is the same as “the dotted line”, therefore should not be billable.

Yet, according to what the Billable tab shows, all of the requests are billable.



you mis-read, you’re billed for good requests Cloudflare IP Firewall Limitations?