Rate Limiting Billable Requests


I have enabled “Rate Limiting” for my account with blocking requests if 80 requests are matched in 10 seconds.

The question I have is that it appears I am being billed when there is no activity in the last 24 hours.

When I view the firewall with the service from rate limiting, there are no blocked requests…

Am I being charged for this “firewall protection” when it’s not even been used once? I thought the billing usage was only per 1,000 visits where it actually is blocking requests?

Here is what I see, that “nothing has been used”

What am I missing here?

Rate Limiting only charges you for the good requests. It looks like you have pretty consistent traffic there.


So this Billable Requests graph, is not accurate? I am not being billed for 278,000 requests?

There are more “Billable Requests” between the two graphs than Matching Requests.

You should be charged for 268,000 requests, at 5 cents per 10,000. So that’s about $1.34 by my calculations. Unless their definition of Billable Requests excludes that first batch of 10,000, making it a whopping $1.39.

So you do get charged, even if the firewall doesn’t “do anything”. By setting up a rule, any request that matches will be billed - regardless if the user is blocked or not?

No, the opposite. Any request to that URL that doesn’t match gets billed. A match is when an IP address hits that URL more than the Rate Limit allows.

I do see that your firewall log doesn’t show any Rate Limit blocks, so I don’t know why there seems to be a discrepancy.

I see, but yes there is a little confusion between billable, blocked and the matched requests lingo.

I hope somebody from Cloudflare see’s this and can fix it up and I wouldn’t mind some free credits :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

See if you can hop back a day or two in your Firewall Log and see if there were any blocks. You can use Custom Range instead of “Last 24 hours” and click on yesterday or the day before.

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