Rate Limiting and access KV by workers

Hi, I am confused about API rate limiting.

Assume, an application provides service to Million users. All the user request goes through the workers API and each has the header auth token and workers will access millions of kv values per minutes. Then workers send millions of response to users using the kv data just read.
So my worker will send and receive millions of KV pairs per minute. Think it is a social app.

From KV docs I see that.

  • Unlimited reads per second
  • Unlimited writes per second, if they are to different keys

But then I see API rate limiting of 1200 or 1500 per 5 minutes. Does that mean this app will fail on this platform? Thanks

You shouldn’t use the API from the Workers script, you need to use the actual Workers methods.

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Thank you Matteo. I was worried, when my coworker pointed this out at middle of my development work. Regards.

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…and I confirmed that I am using the workers methods from within the workers code. Thank you!

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