Rate Limiter Parameters


We sell heavy duty truck parts online. We want to prevent people in our industry from using our site strictly as a parts lookup for their own operation. We just want our customers to be able to use the site to look up parts they are buying.

The best way I know is to limit the number of requests to a URL by IP address. The rate limiter looks like it can be used for this but I am only allowed to select 1 minute or 10 seconds for how often it checks.

Is there any chance that can be updated to include, say, 12 and 24 hours? This way I can have the rules check if an IP accesses a URL more than 5 times in a 24 hour period, we cool their jets or block them all together.


It’s possible that you can use the API to manually set Rate Limits. There’s more flexibility in settings, though free plans might be limited in this area. But you can certainly give it a try:


Awesome! Thank you!

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