Rate limited on a free cloudflare plan

Hello, I am having issues proxying my website through cloudflare. I found a thread with the same issue but no answer so I am creating a new thread hoping to get any answers. I couldnt find a way to create a ticket or contact cloudflare in any other way and hoping creating a thread helps me with my issue.

I tired disabling ddos protection, rate limiting is disabled (as that is a paid service) but it still gets rate limited.

Thanks to everyone for answers.

Not necessarily. Free plans get one Rate Limit rule.

What are you seeing that’s showing a rate limit?

This is what i see after about 2 seconds of using the page. You can try it out. zoom in and out like 5 times and it hits the rate limit, which makes it unusable.

That certainly looks like a rate limit. If you click on the log entry, it might tell you more. But I suggest you see if you added Rate Limiting in Firewall → Tools.

Nope, rate limiting is disabled, yet rate limits. I have no idea why it is doing this and whether there is an option to override this using some force-allow rules or something. Strange that cloudflare staff did not address this yet since there are several threads with the same issue unresolved.

Ah, there’s a Worker in the mix. It’s either your worker, or one that your host is using. Are you on Siteground?

No I never heard of Siteground. I use Portzilla to get a custom port onto the default one. Using a port after my domain name refused to connect - i presume clouflare only allows connections on port 80 and 443 - if that is not the case i would completely skip portzilla as i plan to use it within an iframe so having the port number at the end is no problem.

Ah, Portzilla uses Workers.

If you have full control over your server, such as a VPS, you can use Cloudflare Tunnel instead of Portzilla.


Unfortunately It is not hosted on a VPS rather a shared hosting. What I dont understand is that if portzilla triggers the rate limit, why do i get rate limited to other subdomains that are not managed by portzilla? If i go to the map and get rate limited, I stay rate limited even when i visit the root website.

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