Rate limited by worker

We are on the business plan and subscribed to workers paid plan.
Today 3 of us were in the same place accessing our website and we got 1050 from cloudflare.
We do not have any rate limiting rule so I checked the events using the ray id and I saw the rule id of event was worker.
Looking around I saw that cloudflare returns 1050 for free workers when they pass a certain amount of requests per minute but couldn’t find anything regarding the paid plan.
This is impacting our website as I just found out we are receiving more of these rate limiting from worker and there is no clear documentation on this topic.
Can anyone tell me why paid worker would rate limit users?

Hi @moein1

We have a rate limiting functionality on Workers sub requests. I have removed this on your domain.

Please let us know if this solved your issue.

HI @louise2
Thanks for the update.
Is there any doc regarding this? I use cloudflare in many other projects and would love to know how much traffic we can pass through workers.
For example in another project we use workers as near edge cache (using DO) and if cache is not there we call our backend. Is the rate limit is on overall account or based on the ip that calls the worker?