Rate limited by Dashboard

I’m trying to transfer domains over to Cloudflare and I’m being “Rate limited”.

It seems to me, that it’s not a great business practice to limit your customers this way - there must be a better solution to whatever the issue is that rate limiting dashboard access is trying to solve.

May I ask if you are going too fast with clicking and navigating through the Cloudflare dashboard, or having multiple tabs open at the same time? :thinking:

You can use the Cloudflare API if there are many domains, or the flarectl CLI, the limitation is to avoid API abuse

You cannot use the API for domain transfers. And even so, the API is also rate limited and is a problem I run in to often.

Yes, multiple tabs, but let’s be real here - there is a difference to literally a handful of simultaneous authenticated requests and a ddos, right? it’s completely unnecessary and is slowing me down, not a good experience as a paying customer.

Are you transferring in?

I’m pretty sure @eva2000 has used the API to bulk transfer in domains, this may be of interest to you:

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Appreciate the response, but if you read that, you can clearly see they are using the dashboard for transfers.

Nevertheless, I’ve now completed transfer of more than 1500 domains via the dashboard, an incredibly labourious process which i wish could have been done via the api.


I used CF API to transfer domains in for the first step that is adding domains to CF at How To Bulk Domain Transfer To Cloudflare Registrar And Save On Domain Renewal Costs - Centmin Mod Blog but yes the actual transfer of domain is initiated via the dashboard. Unfortunately there isn’t an API for the transfer itself - maybe billing side limitations?

And used CF API to transfer domains out at How To Bulk Domain Transfer Out From Cloudflare Registrar Via Cloudflare API - Centmin Mod Blog


Yeah, adding domains/websites via the api is one thing, and I use the API for that myself

And like you say, transfers have to be done via the dashboard.

I’m not sure what the limitation is, as I believe there is old documentation I came across a long time ago for this ability, but I think it is now restricted to enterprise customers for whatever reason.

But even so, in my case, the domains are .uk so there is no billing in the case of transfers.

Would also be good if you could manage domain contacts via API, that’s my main issue right now.

General Dashboard navigation and listing of several domains and settings with several tabs open gets RATE LIMITED by DASHBOARD also. AND I am logged in. Fixes if you just sit back a few minutes. If we are logged in, please allow a few tabs open as some of us work pretty fast and are not doing anything wrong.